Excellent result in various educational programs of both Bachelor’s and Master Degree affiliated to TU for 25 years. It has been successful to achieve over 70% results in +2 programs each year. Highly Motivated, Dedicated, Experience, Caring Teachers & Staffs. Peaceful educational environment. Sufficient Sports facilities Over 8000 books in the library (3 Books Can be burrowed at a time). Spacious room. Research hall, Science lab/E-Server. Affordable fee structure. Scholarship for poor and brilliant students. Beautiful garden. Well managed canteen/Drinking Water(Euroguard).


Producing qualified, skilled, capable and moral citizen to address the national and international requirement of short-term and long term manpower through quality and practical education for all.


Its mission is to create and provide more accesses to the quality education by means of affordable fees specially for the economically backward and deprived of higher education.


– To create an easy access to the quality and higher education for the students of economically backward parents.
– To focus more on producing highly qualified manpower in accordance with the needs of both national and international employment privileges.
– To produce and develop the manpower that can compete and work in today’s globalized context.
– To provide such a simple but practical education for the students so that they become absolutely able to stand on their own feet to be independent to live the life.
– To lay a strong foundation of economic and social development for our nation throughmutual partnership for the educational development in today’s context and needs.
– To develop the level of education through public participation among the general public.


BMC has proved itself to have been able to come out with excellent result in various educational programs of both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees affiliated to TU for 25 years. Similarly, it has been successful to achieve over 70% results in +2 programs.

Campus Facilities

– Its own adequate infrastructure with attractive location and environment.
– Peaceful educational environment both for students and professors including wide playground for all sort of sports (Basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, etc.) and resting parks.
– Provision of safe and sufficient parking area.
– A good library with sufficient books and other reading and practical materials for the students of all programs and professors as well.
– Comfortable and peaceful study rooms.
– A research hall and lab room for science students.
– Adequate provision of scholarship for poor and brilliant students.

Apart from the aforementioned facilities:

– Beautiful garden
– Well managed canteen.
– Attractive class rooms
– Clean and neat toilets
– Drinking water and many others

Commitment of Campus Management

– To develop the moral personality of the students by helping them to keep the code of conduct in a right way.
– To conduct every single class based on action plan.
– To focus on conducting all the classes in a practical way rather than in a theoretical way to teach and learn.
– To focus on all-round development especially intellectual and physical development of the students through regular extra activities.
– To take the internal exams as well as other needed class tests regularly.
– To provide academic environment both for students and teachers
– To focus on good governance of campus.

Special Features of Campus

– A non-profit-oriented campus being operated by community management.
– Located at the central place of the capital city i.e. Kathmandu.
– Highly reputed, qualified and long-experienced lecturers & professors.
– Pretty reasonable fee among the public campuses in Kathmandu Valley.
– An extremely suitable and friendly campus especially for the students of medium and lower economic background.
– Free-ship for topper students in internal exam. Class presentation in major subjects through multi-media Field visit work and report writing.
– A trend of warm welcome to new students and farewell for pass out students.
– Absolutely multidisciplinary faculties.
– Class in both English and Nepali medium as students (Day-spanS purely in English medium)