About Campus

Baneshwor Multiple Campus was established in 2047 BS by a group of social workers, intellectuals, and renowned academicians. It is a public campus in the true sense as it is run by teachers and the community and operates as a non-profit making institution. Right from the time of establishment, the Campus has been successful to mobilize active participation as well as contribution of local people and community on its various operational and developmental aspects.


Dr. Ghaman Singh Khadka

Message from the Campus Chief

Dear parents and students,
A campus chief's message is definitely expected to share the vision of the campus. I shall talk about the dynamism operating through the very heart of the institution, accepting in all the conviction that the time has come for Baneshwor multiple Campus to establish the parameters for excellence in learning. At Baneshwor Multiple Campus, we believe in holistic educaton that goes beyond achieving acdemic excellence and training. Our objective is to achieve the overall intellectual, creative, cultural and social growth and development of both the students and the Campus community in its entirety. We encourage all students and teachers and march beyound the limits of academic and administrative disciplines to explore and perform in the larger interest of the Campus that thrives on enthusiastic all round participation to always venture into newer heights. I am dedicated to your success.
As the Campus Chief, I invite all students at Baneshwor Multiple Campus to "Speak your Mind to Me”. Let us all share our ideas, thoughts and vision to make the learning process and an exciting experience at Baneshwor Multiple Campus.
I look forward to each and every one of you to play the role to uphold the name of the Campus. You will achieve as much out of your performance at Baneshwor Multiple Campus as your commitment to optimize the learning aims.
Wish you Good Luck!